Monday, November 26, 2012

Linux for my home use

Its been several months that I have been using Linux on my old home computer. I am using it for surfing the internet, reading emails, listening to online radio and playing 720p mkv.

Below is my installation flow for CentOS 6.3.
  1. Download and install CentOS 6.3 Desktop
  2. Update CentOS:
  3. yum update
  4. Add EPEL repo (
  5. Add RPMForge repo (
  6. Install additional packages:
  7. yum install mplayer smplayer gconf-editor unrar
  8. Install Google Chrome (
  9. Install Skype (
    • If there is an audio playback problem, install pulseaudio-libs.i686.
  10. Download wallpapers and setup background xml file
  11. Install compiz-fusion:
  12. yum install compiz-fusion-extras compiz-manager compiz-fusion-extras libcompizconfig ccsm compiz-gnome compiz-fusion-extras-gnome fusion-icon
  13. Set compiz as window manager:
    1. Run gconf-editor and set /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager to compiz-gtk
    2. Edit /usr/bin/compiz-gtk, change the compiz arguments to:
    3. exec compiz --loose-binding --ignore-desktop-hints gnomecompat ccp $@
  14. Install Cairo-dock 3.1.x (
Problems that I have encountered:
  • I have accidentally corrupted my Linux partition because of a typo error in running mkntfs. Be very careful in running commands under root.
  • I have to build and install proprietary drivers every time I updated Linux kernel.
  • Linux Flash is slow.
  • MTP is slow and unstable.
  • Linux radeon driver does not support my ATI graphics card and proprietary driver is slow.

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